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Our Weding Pic. 1984
Hello and welcome to my blogspot, I find blogging and 'futtering' about with my

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quite relaxing. I created this latest blogspot in April 2007.

My name is James MacDonald and I'm ** yrs. young, (born 1956) it will keep you busy working it out lol. I come from a family of eight, I have four sisters and three brothers, I'm the eldest then there's Grace, Mary Bella, Jessie, John, Alexander, George, and the baby of the family Christina. We were all born and bred in Tong a small village/hamlet on the lovely Hebridian Isle of Lewis. I've been living in Glasgow since about 1980 seem such a long time ago when I first moved down here.

My wife comes from Barrhead (A Borrheid Lassie) I get ribbed by the locals 'Borrheidonians' saying... "that I moved from Lewis to Barrhead to find a wife" There might be an element of truth in their statament :) lol because when I came down to Glasgow, I was a footloose, fancyfree young, that was until I met Elizabeth on a 'blind date' 'She stole my heart'. we fell in love [No pun intended] [Now we're happily married, ever after (Elizabeth) my wife told me to add that in, lol :)
The above photo was taken on our wedding day 1st June 1984. 
Please feel free to view my other... Some more photos on Google-Plus

We have two wonderful growup daughters Laura and Stacey, we also have three equally wonderful grandkids a boy and two girls... Steven, Erin and Lauren, Laura is their mum. I'm greatful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful wife and family, I thank God for them
Me, my wife, daughders & grandkids (Acts 16:31) I hold and stand
onto God's promises for my family... ["Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household" Acts 16:31.] [Please click on photo to read more discription]

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